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 [info]::MOTORSPORTS: Competition Licences & Procedures (

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PostSubject: [info]::MOTORSPORTS: Competition Licences & Procedures (   Wed Jan 10, 2007 12:20 am


Any person in order to qualify as a competitor must, except as hereinafter provided, be in possession of a valid competition license for which a formal application on the appropriate form must be made to the AAM.

The AAM may grant a general waiver from the requirement to hold a license in respect of competitors in specific closed competitions subject to the conditions detailed in the National Competition Rules.

A license may be issued to an entrant, driver or navigator (non-driver), or a combination of two or more of these categories of competitor. Such a license may be International or National.

The AAM shall be entitled to grant licenses to:
A Malaysian subject, including a subject of any part of the territory of the AAM.
A national of any other country represented on the FIA / FIM / CIK-FIA after receiving authority from the ASN of that country so to do.
A national of any other country not represented on FIA / FIM/ CIK-FIA.

The granting of a driver's license by the AAM shall be conditional upon the applicant at the time of the application satisfying the AAM.
That he is the holder of a current driving license (not provisional) required by the law valid for Malaysia of vehicles for which he is applying, or
That he has habitually driven motor vehicles outside Malaysia, and is not disqualified from driving such vehicles within the territory of the AAM, or
That although he is so disqualified the circumstances leading to such disqualification are such that he should not be refused a competition license

Competitors who do not hold an JPJ License and/or who are under 18 may participate in events not using a public highway. Non-driving Navigators should take out a Navigator's License.

Where a competitor is under the age of 18 the Entry for an event must be supported by Parent or Guardian as Guarantor. Such Guarantor will be considered as being the 'Minors' Entrant, and as such will be subject to these Rules.

The Guarantor, or his representative must attend the event with the Minor, and sign on as his Entrant.

The AAM reserves the right to examine applicants records and to take the final decision concerning the issue or withdrawal of any license. The reason for such a decision need not be stated.

Procedures for applying competition licenses:

STEP 1 – Call AAM Motorsports
Your first step to obtaining a competition license (racing license) is to contact AAM Motorsports at 03-77109121. The staff at AAM Motorsports will then give you the name, telephone number, and address of an AAM-appointed panel doctor nearest to you.

STEP 2 – Go for your Medical Check-Up
You must be physically fit in order to be a racer, So once you have the details of the AAM-appointed panel doctors, you must then make an appointment to go for a thorough medical check-up.

STEP 3 – Join an AAM-affiliated club
Once you passed your medical examination, you must then become a member of an AAM-affiliated club. There, the officers at the respective clubs will then guide you through the remainder of the process.

List of Affiliated Clubs:
Johor Motor Club
Kedah Motor Sports Club
Kelab Go-Kart Melaka
Kelab Kart Selangor & Wilayah Persekutuan
Kelab Kart Wawasan Kuala Lumpur
Kelab Kereta Kuantan
Kelab Kereta Vintaj Dan Klasik DiRaja Malaysia
Kelab Sukan Bermotor Maju Selangor / Wilayah Persekutuan
Kelab Sukan Bermotor Litar Sepang
Kelab Sukan Motor Perlis
Kelab Super Bikers Malaysia
Langkawi Motorsports Club
Malaysian Motor Sports Club
Malaysian & Singapore Vintage Car Register
Motorcyclist Association of Federal Territory & Selangor
Penang Motor Sports Club
Persatuan Kart Motosikal Kedah
Royal Perak Motor Club
Sports Mini Owners’ Club of Malaysia

STEP 4 – Pass the Written Examination
The final step before obtaining your competition license is to pass the written examination that all racers must go through. If you are unable to pass the exam, you must then sit through a tutorial session and then resit for the examination. The license will only be issued once you have cleared the written examination.

STEP 5 – Submit Documents

The documents required to apply for a competition license includes:
Copies of current RTD Driving License and Renewal Driving License (if any)
Copy of Identity Card/Passport
Copy of AAM Affiliated Club Membership or Official Receipt
Passport size Photographs – 3 copies (additional 2 copies each of extra categories)
For applicants under 18 years of age, an AAM Form ‘A’ is required. >>Click here to download application form "A"
Applicant renewing his/her AAM competition license will have to surrender his/her expired AAM competition license.

Types of Competition Licences

The AAM issues competition licenses to competitors and entrants (team) for participation in any kind of motorsports events sanctioned by the AAM. However, as a beginner, you will only qualify for a National C (Novice) license. National ‘C’ competition license holders can only participate in National events. You will be upgraded to National ‘B’ status upon successfully completing six rounds of any National events.

The categories of licenses issued by the AAM are as follows:

National C (Novice) -

Circuit Racing
4x4 Rally
Road Racing

National B (Graded) -

Circuit Racing
Road Racing

National A -

Circuit Racing
Road Racing

National -

4x4 Rally

International -

Circuit Racing
4x4 Rally
Road Racing

Cost of Competition Licences.
In general, most of the National C (Novice), National B (Graded), and National A (Super Graded) licenses for any motorsports event cost RM50 per annum. The cost for international licenses will differ for the different disciplines of motorsports (as detailed in the table attached upright):


Rally - RM 50.00
4x4 Rally - RM 50.00
Karting - RM 50.00
Circuit Racing- RM 50.00
Road Racing - RM 50.00
Motocross - RM 50.00


Circuit Racing- RM 50.00
Road Racing - RM 50.00
Motocross - RM 50.00


Circuit Racing- RM 50.00
Road Racing - RM 50.00
Motocross - RM 50.00

Rally - RM 50.00
4x4 Rally - RM 50.00
Karting - RM 50.00
Entrant - RM 1,000.00

Rally - RM 230.00
4x4 Rally - RM 230.00
Karting - RM 150.00
Circuit Racing- RM 230.00
Road Racing - As per FIM price list
Motocross - As per FIM price list
Entrant - RM 1,200.00

Racing Personal Accident Insurance Premium
An additional RM200.00 will be charged to the cost of the competition license. This RM200.00 AAM Group Racing Personal Accident insurance premium is designed to protect the competitor in the event of any unforeseen accident and covers the following:

Benefit - RM50, 000
Death occurring within 12 calendar months of Bodily injury as aforesaid Permanent disablement occurring within 12 calendar months of bodily injury as aforesaid

Benefit - RM25, 000
Medical and Surgical Expenses necessarily incurred in connection with injury to which the Benefits relate provided this is not payable under any Policy or Insurance.

Event Organization
Only Affiliated Clubs are allowed to organize events throughout Malaysia. These events are inscribed and listed in the AAM Motorsports Calendar. Affiliated Circuits are allowed to organize events in their respective circuits.

The events organized are categorized as follows:
Rally - Club/National/International
4x4 Rally - Club/National/International
Karting - Club/National/International
Circuit Racing- Club/National/International
Road Racing (Circuit)- Club/National/International
Road Racing (Street)- National
Motocross - Club/National/International

The events organized under National status have to abide by the National Competition Rules (NCR) of the AAM. The NCRs is set by the Motorsports Committee represented by all the affiliated clubs and reflects the governing guidelines set by the respective international bodies.

Events organized under International status abide by the rules and regulations set by the Governing body of that particular discipline. Wink
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PostSubject: Re: [info]::MOTORSPORTS: Competition Licences & Procedures (   Wed Jan 10, 2007 10:13 pm

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[info]::MOTORSPORTS: Competition Licences & Procedures (
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